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Venus de Milo

Size - 25 cm

Weight - 1400 gram

Burn time ~ 70 hrs

Remuve €95

Venus de Milo

Size - 25 cm

Weight - 1400 gram

Burn time ~ 70 hrs

Remuve €130
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UniversalSculpture Co.™ all started as an inspiration to combine European and Greek art and sculptures with home decor.

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Perfect curves of greek sculptures and magnificent european art inspired us to create an ideal mixture of both in UniversalSculpture Co.™

For us fire is a symbol of dying tangible beauty, a little reminder that nothing in our world lasts forever.

We believe that even art, at some extent dies, leaving behind an aesthetic sense that penetrates deeply into the human essence and is passed on to future generations as a sense of beauty.


When we look at the candel, the candlelight itself accentuates the moment of perception, it invites us to reflect on the eternal...

The soul starts to search for the meaning of life, the eternal unshakeable truth...

The candlelight helps us to relax and immerse ourselves...

The universal meaning...

By combining the most famous sculptures of the past centuries with our perception of the world we invite you to share these precious thoughtful moments with us.

This is a statement of beauty and its momentary nature. One of our tender pieces adorns the romantic atmosphere of your home while waiting to be melted by the fire of love dissolving forever, but living as a memory.

UniversalSculpture Team

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